What Is an Indigo Child?

Kline also discusses how Carroll and Tober have tried to distance themselves from religious beliefs about indigo children in order to maintain control of the concept even recanting their previous affirmations about auras , and how skeptics and New Agers alike both make rhetorical appeals to science despite the latter's rejection of it to legitimize their ideological beliefs regarding the existence of indigo children. At the University of Cambridge Festival of Ideas, anthropologist Beth Singler discussed how the term indigo children functioned as a new religious movement, along with Jediism.

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The Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children

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Indigo children

Pocket Books , New World Library , Light Technology Publishing. Dallas Observer. USA Today. You can feel it. Not even 20 years ago, the idea of organic foods, the law of attraction and herbal medicine would have been absolutely foreign concepts however, now they are all part of the mainstream. This is thanks to the Indigo children who were born under a new wave of consciousness.

Let me first be clear, all those that existed before the Indigo children are just as important as they created the imbalance that is now needed to be healed. Without this healing we would never be aware, or appreciate the true beauty that surrounds us everyday. Every concept exists in duality- we cannot experience true light unless we see it shining in the dark. Indigo children are found to have bright purple, blues and greens in their auras, Crystal children have a lot of white and pastel colors and Rainbow children have a balance of all colors of the rainbow.

Indigo Children

Indigo children came into existence around the , however not everyone born in this time period would be an Indigo child. They are believed to have been born with the specific purpose of changing the world. These children are spirit warriors and they have been sent to us to break down conventional systems and to bring awareness about the planet, consciousness and the flaws of capitalism.

Their indigo auras indicate that they have heightened psychic abilities, can easily detect dishonesty, are intuitive, intelligent, natural leaders and can be sensitive. They are wise old souls that were sent to help free the world from past limitations, challenge old beliefs and clear the way for the Crystal children. Crystal children entered into the world around the year in order to take the world into the next level of evolution. They are gentle, kind and loving and have come to show us where humanity is heading.

They are even-tempered, easy going and spread love, peace and wisdom.

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These children have psychic abilities, live in harmony with all people, animals and nature and are very sensitive and empathetic. These children constantly need love and protection and are often diagnosed with having autism. Following the Crystal children are Rainbow children who are fearless and are ready to implement all the changes laid down by both the Indigo and Crystal children.